What is a magical memory?

Magic Makers offer seriously ill children or those suffering hardship or trauma the chance to experience something magical. Through its generous supporters, fundraisers and partner Magic Makers we work hard to make the magic happen.
Any child under the age of 18 and a UK resident can be nominated. The child may have a critical or life limiting condition, suffering hardship or experienced trauma where a special day out or experience may help to bring some laughter and light into their lives and create magical memories.
Our Trustee Committee is able to approve one magical experience per child and siblings are welcome to be part of the day.

How to Nominate a child:

  • Children who are living with a serious illness, experiencing hardship or trauma may have a special experience they’d love to do but may need a little ‘magic’ to make it happen
  • A nominator can make an application on behalf of the child to Magic Makers using the official application form found on this website
  • Each completed application is carefully considered by the Magic Makers Trustee committee
  • Our aim is to provide as many as magic experiences as possible. Where were are not able to meet the specific wish of the child, we will aim to bring a little magic into their lives in another way.