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Our Magical Ambassadors

Our Magic Makers have helped create some truly insprational moments...

  • Zaraa Ling

    Zara is the ambassador for Partyman World of Play, Wembley.

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  • Megan Emanuel

    Megan has been appointed as the ambassador of our new Partyman World of Play site in Ipswich.

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  • Sarah Hewins

    Sarah is also based at Partyman World of Play in Lakeside. Like Keeley, she has been making magic since September 2017.

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  • Emma Bewick

    Emma works alongside Conner as an ambassador at Stevenage Partyman World of Play and manages all fundraising in the Twizzle Tops nursery based on site.

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  • Annie Butler

    Annie is the ambassador for the Twizzle Tops nursery on site at Lakeside. With such a busy site to manage, Annie is always using new ideas to fundraise. She is also an awesome face...

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  • Megan Cole

    Megan is our youngest and very first ambassador. At the age of 2 years old, she was diagnosed with Spindle Cell Sarcoma and was the first child ever to be nominated to Partyman’s Magic...

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  • Chris Sutton

    Chris took over the position of ambassador at Fort Fun, based in Eastbourne, on the same week that he became a father for the first time. He is fantastic in both positions (although needs...

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  • Keeley Smith

    Keeley is based at Partyman World of Play in Lakeside. She is one of our original ambassadors and works in partnership with Sarah at the busy site.

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  • Shannon Haylock

    Shannon has recently joined Tyler at Marsh Farm and is the ambassador for the Twizzle Tops nursery on site. um.

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  • Nicole Clent

    Known as ‘Princess Nicole’ by her fellow colleagues, she has joined Jordan as an ambassador at Oxford and is helping to make dreams come true.

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