The story:

Fraser is a 10 year old boy living in Billericay with his Mum, Dad and big Sister. When Fraser was a baby, his family learned that he has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a progressive muscle-wasting condition, which affects around 1 in every 3,600 births in the UK. This diagnosis can be given to any family, even those without a history of the condition, like Fraser.

Fraser is an extremely positive boy, very quick-witted, with the best banter. He is a dinosaur expert and describes himself as a “professional gamer”! He is also a budding campaigner, having been in the paper and on the news talking about all things “disability”.

Fraser is a full-time powered wheelchair user and his family has been undergoing the huge task of building and extension to give him a downstairs bedroom and wetroom and adapting their home to ensure it is fully accessible for Fraser and his changing needs in the future.

Partyman’s Magic Makers decided to help the family fulfil their dream of having a garden Fraser can enjoy with his Sister and with the incredible and overwhelming support of the community, we made this happen.

💜💜💜 HUGE THANKS to everyone involved – magic has been made 💜💜💜

Fraser's new accessible garden - Before and After